Be a Partner for Parks

Partnerships need people, and the park is that perfect place to bring us together. There is no one right way to become a Partner for Parks, but that which works for you. We encourage you to make an impact in Cuyahoga Falls by volunteering your time, donating a tax-deductible contribution, and promoting the organization’s mission.

Planting Flowers

‘People living adjacent to green spaces knew more of their neighbors, reported a stronger feeling of belonging, and were more supportive of each other.’

Volunteer for Our Parks

You have a special skill, and we want to put it to work. Woodworker, attorney, technical specialist, gardener, or general lover of parks, we welcome you to our Partnership.

  • Join a committee
  • Host or attend an event
  • Offer skill support

To get involved, simply call (330) 971-8225 or email


Financial Giving for Our Parks

There is a multitude of ways in which to financially support the Cuyahoga Falls Partnership for Parks. Consider one ore more of these many ways to grow our parks.

Fun in Park

‘Parks and recreation contribute to the building of healthy and vibrant communities.’

  • Make an immediate financial contribution through Online Giving
  • Become an official Partner for Parks
  • Join Corporate Partners for Parks
  • Support a Partnership event
  • Participate in the Change for Parks program
  • Make an in-kind contribution of goods or services
  • Sponsor a park amenity
  • Remember the Partnership in your personal financial planning

Below is more detailed information on how you can make an impact in our Cuyahoga Falls community!


Partners for Parks

Becoming an official Partner for Parks establishes a direct relationship and investment in the mission of our Partnership.

Individual Partner for Parks

Annual Memberships may be established by individuals by setting up a reoccurring contribution through out online giving feature. By donating $25 dollars or more each month, you will receive benefits including regular updates from the Partnership, complimentary access to a fundraiser annually and the assurance that the Partnership is making an impact in our neighborhoods.

Corporate Partner for Parks

Businesses may show corporate leadership by becoming a member of Corporate Partners for Parks. The methods in which business can demonstrate their community stewardship, include but are not limited to:

Jeans Day Fridays

Like the City of Cuyahoga Falls, designate the collection of a month or more of Jeans Day Fridays. Employees pay a predetermined amount of cash in exchange for the opportunity to wear jeans on Fridays and the collected funds work to make an immediate difference.

Event Sponsorship

Take advantage of advertising opportunities by supporting a Partnership for Parks fundraiser. Sponsorship levels and benefits vary upon the crux of the event.

Naming Rights

Investments in our parks make our residents, your employees, happier and healthier. Present your corporate values and make an even greater impact in the Falls community by working with the Partnership on funding capitol projects. Benefits vary by project.


Events in support of the Partnership aid in building awareness and furthering the mission that is so important to our community. Participation in fundraisers, hosting a house party, sponsoring an event, or any combination therein will advance our goals and broaden our impact.

Change for Parks

Change4ParksLogoWhile participating in activities at Brookledge Golf Club, Downview Sports Center, and Water Works Family Aquatic Center, individuals will be asked to simply donate their change from concession purchases to the Cuyahoga Falls Partnership for Parks.

The Change for Parks program raises funds primarily in support of the Cuyahoga Falls Partnership for Parks Scholarship Program. Scholarships will be made available to children who otherwise would not have access to valuable programming that builds confidence, encourages physical and mental well being, teaches imperative and cooperative life skills, and promotes safety within the community.

Round your purchase to the nearest dollar to make a difference in our community today!

In-kind Contributions

In-kind contributions are none other than the offering of a service or good that is donated to the organization. Skills like accounting, legal advice, design and grant writing or supplies like technology, paper, and food go a long way to make events successful and operations thrive.

Sponsor a Park Amenity

The Cuyahoga Falls Partnership for Parks, along with the Cuyahoga Falls Park Board, is able to coordinate sponsorship of a variety of amenities within our Cuyahoga Falls parks. In exchange for fiscal sponsorship, naming rights to a park, building, or other agreed upon amenity will broadcast the name or logo of the sponsor to the families who utilize our parks every day. This is our way to publicly recognize the people and organizations whose leadership builds infrastructural improvements and additional advancement of park land for the people of Cuyahoga Falls.

Personal Financial Planning

Want to leave a legacy of nurturing Mother Nature? Philanthropic giving to our community parks offers valuable estate planning benefits along with the power to make a lasting difference in our community.

Enjoying the View

‘When people are connected to nature, it contributes to feeling less isolated.’

Bequest by Will or Trust

Naming the Partnership in your will or trust means you can help ensure the natural local environment of the community for the future. You may choose to leave a specific dollar amount, property you want preserved, percentage of your estate, or what remains after other bequests have been satisfied or arrange for your heirs to receive lifetime income from your estate with the remainder going to the Partnership for charitable purposes.

Bequests to the Partnership qualify for a charitable deduction for the full donation so your heirs will not pay estate tax on these asset and you may have a park, facility or amenity named for your charitable donation as the parties agree upon.


Man Stretching in Park

‘Those living in neighborhoods with walkable green spaces live longer and report better functional status than those in less green neighborhoods.’

Retirement Plan Assets

Have assets in your IRA or other qualified retirement plans? Naming the Cuyahoga Falls Partnership for Parks is a simple and effective way to benefit the community while avoiding significant, often unanticipated taxes. You may designate for the time after your passing, that your remaining assets be contributed to the Partnership.

This can be far more advantageous than including assets in your taxable estate or leaving them to heirs, which may be heavily taxed. Added benefits include that estate or income taxes are not due on any retirement assets that pass to the Partnership and you may have a park, facility or amenity named for your charitable donation as the parties agree upon.


All of these giving opportunities are tax-deductible for both businesses and individuals. Learn more about your preferred way to support the Cuyahoga Falls Partnership for Parks by calling (330) 971-8225 or emailing

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