Computer Lab Survey


“We have researched and identified programming that would engage our community and offer valuable skill-building tools for our workforce at a low-cost to the residents. We want to make sure that this is programming that Cuyahoga Falls residents feel they can utilize and benefit from.” – Cuyahoga Falls Parks and Recreation Superintendent, Ed Stewart

The City of Cuyahoga Falls Parks and Recreation Department is partnering with the Cuyahoga Falls Partnership for Parks to gauge community interest in potentially installing a computer lab and associated programming at Quirk Cultural Center.

In an effort to gauge community interest members of the Partnership have developed a quick survey to get an idea of what our community would like to see at the Quirk Cultural Center. Completing this survey will allow the Partnership to tailor the programs offered at the computer lab to the needs of the community and that of the workforce of the City of Cuyahoga Falls.


We appreciate taking the time out of your day to fill out this survey and the feedback you are providing us! If you have any additional questions or suggestions please feel free to contact usĀ here.


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